Los Alfaro's Latin Restaurant is an Evansville family-owned eatery where you can explore Latin American flavors from nine different countries in one location.


Our family is originally from El Salvador, and our passion for our community has brought amazing dishes to you. Teresa's passion for flavor and culture, turned into the talk of the town back in 2011 when the first Los Alfaro's opened on Kentucky Ave. Los Alfaro's on Kentucky avenue was retired when Teresa decided to pursue higher education. 


After Teresa earned her two college degrees, the passion for cooking and sharing her food never left her. She is back to delight your palates. Los Alfaro's Latin Restaurant is back bigger and better in a great new location. 

Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients. Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched. We are one of a kind.


You can now order online or over the phone for take-out, drive-thru our restaurant or come join us like family at our new location: 1021 S. Weinbach Ave. Evansville, IN 47714. 

It All Started With Love for Great Food

Meet Pedro and Teresa.

Teresa and Pedro Alfaro raised their family in Evansville, Indiana since 1999. They love Evansville and are committed to the growth of their city. Together, they aspire to provide an opportunity for the Evansville community to explore Latin America through food while giving the Latinx community the chance to remember their heritage. Truly, their goal is to make a difference one belly full at a time. If you ask about Teresa's secret ingredients, you can bet she will give you the warmest smile and say "it's love!"


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1021 S. Weinbach Ave., Evansville, IN 47714